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"You should come to our church."


When someone at Valley View says something like that that, we don't just mean that you should be at a certain building at a certain time. We mean that you should come meet the people who will love you as you are, support you in life's biggest losses, celebrate your greatest accomplishments, be your truest friends, and show you who God is. So, really, you should come to our church this Sunday.  And the next Sunday.  And maybe, in between, you can check out some of the other events going on here at Valley View.


Because, the more often you're here, the more you'll understand what it really means to be a part of a church family.  And the more you will be able to see God's love through the flawed people sitting in the pews beside you.



LANYI Summer Camp

Vacation Bible School


Youth Group (Grades 7-12)

Sundays 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Come join us on Sunday nights. We like to play games, study the bible, and pray for each other.  We have a number of adult volunteers who take turns leading the group. For more information please contact the church office so we can get you plugged in.

J.O.Y. (Seniors) Breakfast

First Wednesday of each month, 9:00 am

Do you still feel like a kid at heart? Get together with the Just Older Youth at Denny’s on 20th West and Avenue K. You are in for good food and good times, while focusing on growth in Christ.

Prayer Quilt Ministry

Wednesdays, 9:00-11:00 am

Are you a talented quilter? Join us while we make pray quilts for those who need them. Great time of fellowship, prayer, and sewing.

Dinner for the Homeless

Second Wednesday of each month, 4:30 pm

Grace Resource Center

Looking to give back? NDI, NMI, and the Valley View Youth take turns each month in providing dinner for those in need at Grace Resource Center. Please reach out to the church office if you would like to serve or donate food.

Women's Bible Study

Thursdays, 9:30 am

VV Naz Martial Arts 2.0
Mondays: 5pm - 6pm and 6pm - 7pm
This amazing program provides students with scripture, prayer, self discipline, and self-defense skills. This program is free of charge, minus testing fees for higher ranked belts. Master Joe and his volunteers work hard each week to provide a safe and fun environment for students to learn martial arts. Please stop by on a Monday night to see what we are about.
Children's Group

Wednesdays 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

We have some amazing kids at Valley View. They enjoy Bible lesson, games, and snacks together every Wednesday night. Please reach out for information.

Thanks for your interest in our church. We'll be getting back to you soon.

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