Pastor Mike is all about developing connections: with God, with other believers, and with the community. His energetic preaching style makes it hard to be a spectator. He expects his congregation to respond during the service and to implement their faith in the community during the week. As Pastor Mike is always saying, it’s not enough to rest in God’s love for us; believers are called to share that love with others! If you have any questions or want to grab a cup of coffee with Pastor Mike, you can reach him here.

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Pastor Tim works with the college and youth.  On Sunday mornings, you'll find him and his crew on the couches in the youth room, discussing important and relevant things.  Pastor Tim's a big fan of questions, even the hard ones.  And he doesn't pretend to have all the answers. So when you hang out with Tim, you end up taking a journey together into the truths and the mysteries of God.  And, sometimes, you end up playing disc golf or watching The Walking Dead.  You can reach Pastor Tim here.

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